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A Winning Combination
For WebCenter Owners & Their Clients


A WebCenter gives you everything you need to operate a successful business that provides online marketing solutions to small-medium sized businesses.

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Setting up your WebCenter and launching your business are easy.  Leverage videos, eBooks and other assets to get started, manage and grow your business.

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The WebCenter Educational Program consists of live and online standardized training.  Attend a WebCenter Training course with a Certified WebCenter Trainer or visit our online training center.

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Global Support

Each of our teams work tirelessly to support you, your clients and your prospects!  All WebCenter Owners and clients have unlimited access to our technical support team.

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Our Products

Ultimate Online Solution

At the core of our solution we put all of the technology necessary to develop a high-end Internet solution at your fingertips.  It is all Web-based, and that means no software to download, install, update or renew each year.  More importantly, we don't just provide you with a solution to build a cutting edge website, we also provide the tools and support you need to market it.

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Design Services

maWebCenters clients have a variety of options for getting their website designed.  The layout of the website along with your site's content are critical to help you establish an effective Internet presence.  All of our design packages are designed inside the editable maWebCenters platform so you have the flexibility to maintain your content or add more pages in the future.

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Website Management

Content on websites is critical to engaging new and existing customers, and attracting the interest of search engines like Google and Yahoo.  We offer a myriad of options for managing your content.

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Facebook Advertising

Social media Web sites like Facebook and Instagram are incredibly important communication channels for consumers making buying decisions.  Target market demographics, the geographic area you wish to reach, and all other vital details to get your campaign kicked off.

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Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, ensures your business ranks high on search engines like Google when a consumer is looking for a specific product or service.  

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Google Advertising

Search engine giant Google offers its paid advertising service to businesses who wish to enhance their Internet marketing efforts.  Our specialists will take care of subjects like account creation, campaigns, budgets, networks, mobile device targeting, geographical targeting and much much more.

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